How to Reset a Lost or Forgotten Yahoo Password?

How to Reset a Lost or Forgotten Yahoo Password?

Reset A Lost Or Forgotten Yahoo Password

Yahoo mails are considered to be one of the oldest mail platforms and a significant mail service globally. Thousands of users have created a Yahoo mail account and have been accessing the platform for personal and professional purposes. While signing up for Yahoo mail, the users are required to create a username and password, which further becomes their identification. They can now login to the Yahoo account after typing the login credentials designed by them in the first place, and if they are unable to provide it correctly, then the access gets denied.Many users can also have more than one email account in Yahoo and sometimes tend to forget their passwords or mix the two. If you are the one who has forgotten your Yahoo mail password and is looking for a reset process, you have come to the right place. This blog will explain in detail, the step by step procedure for the same. In case of further assistance, you can always contact yahoo customer service.

Why is a Password Reset Valuable?

Whenever you forget your password, it becomes really essential to reset it on an urgent basis. There can occur various chances of your account getting compromised if someone gains access to your password. Also, without the security key, it is not possible to access the account and proceed with your work.

What are the Various Methods of Resetting the Yahoo Password?

There are three different ways by which the concerned person can reset their lost or forgotten password. Every method is different, and it totally depends on a few terms and conditions. For example, if you wish to reset the password via registered email ID, then at the time of creating an account, you should have provided with the same. With security question, a question must be selected and answered while signing in, and availing the two-step verification means that you should have provided with a phone number. Let’s look at each of the methods one by one

Method 1- Resetting the Password via Security Question

  • Go to Yahoo Mail account page
  • Enter the username and tap on the option of ‘Forget password.’
  • Enter the captcha in the required field
  • After that from the drop-down menu, select the option of ‘Send me a security question.’
  • Choose the answer accordingly
  • Once done, create a new password
  • Reconfirm the same
  • Click Okay and save the changes

Method 2- Resetting the Password via Email ID

  • From your default web browser, search for Yahoo Mail Login
  • Type your username and then click on ‘Forgot password’ link
  • Enter the captcha as shown in the box
  • Now select the option of resetting the password with the help of an email ID
  • Provide your registered email address in the required field
  • Open the ID and look for the subject ‘Password reset.’
  • You will receive a code and a link
  • Open the link and enter the code in the space provided
  • Now you will be provided with an option of creating a new password
  • Type the password that you want to develop and reconfirm it
  • Save the changes.

Method 3- Resetting the Password with the Help of Two-Step Verification

  • In the Yahoo Mail sign-in page, type your username and then select the option of ‘Forgot password.’
  • When given an opportunity of how would you like to reset the password, click on ‘two-step authentication.’
  • Enter your 10 digit phone number
  • You will receive a code on the number
  • Type the code on the screen through which you want to reset the password. A space for the same will be provided
  • Now you can create a new password.

In case you have forgotten your security question, not enabled the two-step verification and have also not provided with an email ID, then it is advised that you directly reach out to the technical experts at Yahoo mail support number which remains in service 24*7.